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What are some of the benefits of metal roofs?

Metal roofing is probably the most practical roofing material available in the market today. It offers a long lasting alternative to other roofing materials, such as shingles, slate, etc. Metal Roofs:

  • Come in a variety of colors and designs
  • Very low maintenance
  • Long lasting, sometimes 50 years or more
  • Non-combustible and provides fire resistance
  • May increase your home’s resale value
  • Offers excellent wind, water, snow, and ice resistance
  • Energy efficient
  • Low weight

Are metal roofs noisy?

This is probably the main question that we get from our customers. Our metal roofing is installed over a solid substrate, unlike barn panel roofs. This helps act as a sound barrier. In addition, attic space and insulation also act as sound barriers. Metal roofing is not any nosier than traditional roofing systems.

Are metal roofs expensive?

Metal roofing offers homeowners a long-life solution. It is an investment in your home’s future. Over the life of your home, metal roofing is probably the most economical material, because it can be the last roof you need to install. Traditional roofing materials have a very limited life expectancy before one is faced with the expense of another re-roof project.

How long will my metal roof last?

While some asphalt shingle roofs may only last from 12 to 20 years, our professionally installed metal roof systems may last you 50 years or more! There are some one hundred year old metal buildings with their original metal roof!

Won’t it make my house too hot or too cold?

Because metal roofing reflects a lot of the sun’s energy, it can help save you money in cooling and heating over the life of your roof.

What are some of the benefits of asphalt shingled roofs?

  • Very low maintenance
  • Easily repaired if damaged
  • Variety of textures and colors
  • Compatible with many roof designs
  • Lightweight